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NWTF Cantilever Turkey


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Here’s the shotgun specifically designed to stop Mr. Tom in mid-strut. The Winchester® Super X3 NWTF® Cantilever Turkey features a 24″ barrel with a 31⁄2″ chamber, a cantilever scope base and fully-adjustable TruGlo® fiber-optic sights. The Active Valve gas system helps tame felt recoil from those heavy turkey loads, while the Invector-Plus™ Extra-Full Turkey choke tube funnels all those pellets in a tight pattern that puts more pellets on your trophy. Don’t take an inferior shotgun after the largest and smartest game bird in the woods. Bust that bird and earn your spurs with the Super X3 NWTF Cantilever Turkey — the fastest shotgun ever to stop a strutter.

A tight, dense pattern of heavy shot is critical for taking turkeys. You get an Invector-Plus™ Extra-Full Turkey choke tube standard with the Super X®3 NWTF® Cantilever Turkey. The knurled band makes it easy to install or remove and the camo band won’t give you away to a sharp-eyed tom.


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