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Standard Invector™ Choke Tubes


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Considered the world’s most proven tube. Flush mount. Long tapers. Precision dimensions.For Back-bored barrels.

The original standard was set here. These choke tubes are made for a number of older and current Winchester shotguns. They are flush fit for a good look — and tapers are optimized for the tube length to create consistent, uniform patterns. The bore diameter for guns using the Standard Invector system is considered to be the standard size and they are not back-bored in either 12 or 20 gauge.  Standard Invector Choke Tubes are not interchangeable with Invector Plus tubes and are mostly for use on earlier Model 1300s, Speed Pumps and some other shotguns provided with rifled choke tubes. Check you current choke tube or documentation or on the barrel inscription to confirm the type of choke your shotgun requires. 


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