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Super X3 Field Compact


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A compact-sized Super X3 with 13″ length of pull, Pachmayr recoil pad and comfortable. For smaller shooters: women and youths.

For big hunters with small stature. Smaller stature hunters should try the Super X3 Field Compact. It has all the features of the full-size Super X3 but with a shorter 13″ length of pull stock to fit those with smaller builds. For many of us, there comes a time when we simply must make the move from our trusty pump to a proven autoloader. For some the irresistible urge comes early in life.

The Super X3 — still the fastest shotgun afield. Importantly to smaller shooters the Active Valve SYSTEM not only cycles a wide variety of loads, it also does it while reducing felt recoil. The Super X3 is considered one of the most manageable for recoil. This is not a hard thing to prove. Just try one of the other autoloaders. They try an SX3. Then try . . . enough. The Super X3 wins on recoil reduction. every time. 

  • COMPACT 13″ LENGTH OF PULL to fit smaller statured shooters • SATIN OIL FINISH WALNUT STOCK WITH CLASSIC CUT CHECKERING improves grip and looks elegant
  • MATTE BLACK RECEIVER is strong, lightweight aluminum alloy to reduce weight for easy carrying
  • BACK-BORED TECHNOLOGY provides optimum shot patterns that are dense and even
  • VENT RIB gives you a smooth, clean sighting plane and helps reduce weight
  • BRASS FRONT SIGHT BEAD offers a fast, natural sight picture in a wide variety of lighting conditions
  • HARD CHROME-PLATED CHAMBER AND BORE make these surfaces highly resistant to wear and corrosion
  • INVECTOR-PLUS CHOKE TUBES offer consistent, reliable patterns
  • ACTIVE VALVE SYSTEM cycles a wide variety of loads while reducing felt recoil
  • PACHMAYR® DECELERATOR® RECOIL PAD provides optimal protection against felt recoil
  • AMBIDEXTROUS CROSSBOLT SAFETY is easily reversible
  • DROP-OUT TRIGGER GROUP allows easy cleaning


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